3D model retrieval using Constructive Solid Geometry (working-title) (Bachelor Thesis, Ongoing)


Samuel Börlin


Virtual reality (VR) has gained a lot of traction over the past few years and has seen many applications in entertainment, manufacturing, medical training etc. This project will concern itself with its applications in the domain of multimedia retrieval, more specifically, 3D model retrieval. The project will be based on vitrivr, a general-purpose, content-based multimedia retrieval system that allows for management of and retrieval in mixed multimedia collections with 3D models being among the supported media types.

One specific challenge in 3D model retrieval is the generation of query objects that can be used for comparison. Classically, a lot of retrieval techniques rely on existing models that act as examples. However, editing such models or generating completely new ones -- as we can do with Query-by-Sketch (QbS) for 2D images -- is a very much desired feature for any 3D model retrieval tool. VR and the hardware associated with it, offers very unique possibilities in that regard. 

The goal of this project is therefore to create a VR-based user interface (UI) that allows for modification of existing and creation of new 3D models using Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG). In addition to generating a volumetric shape, the new UI should also allow for colouring of such models. Both the 3D shape and the vertex colour information should then be used for retrieval through the existing vitrivr-stack.

Start / End Dates

2020/03/30 - 2020/06/29


Research Topics