Towards a Decentralized Implementation of Transaction Management

Klaus Haller and Heiko Schuldt
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Tagungsband des 15. Workshops Grundlagen von Datenbanken
The proliferation of Internet technology has led to a high connectivity between individuals and companies all over the world. This technology facilitates interactions within and between enterprises, organizations, etc., and allows for data and information exchange. Automating business interactions on this platform requires the execution of processes. This process execution has to be reliable, i.e., guarantees like the isolation property are vital. In such an environment, a decentralized approach is required which is suited for long running transactions and which is thus not locking-based. In this paper, we describe an architecture fulfilling this requirements and present a novel protocol. This protocol -- dealing with concurrency control and recovery at the same time -- bridges the gap between the correctness criterion based on global knowledge and the local knowledge available in case of distributed architectures.
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