Sensor Data Stream Processing in Health Monitoring

Heiko Schuldt, Gert Brettlecker
In Proceedings
Appears in
Mobilit├Ąt und Informationssysteme, Workshop des GI-Arbeitskreises Mobile Datenbanken und Information
Zurich, Switzerland
Health monitoring and e-Inclusion significantly increase the quality of healthcare since they allow patients to live at home while nevertheless receiving treatment and care immediately, when needed. However, health monitoring and e-Inclusion also impose several challenges to the underlying information infrastructure. These challenges are stemming from data streams that are generated by smart sensors attached to the patients and to their augmented environment. Essentially, these streams need to be processed with near real-time constraints. In addition, also the mobility of users and patients has severe consequences on the information infrastructure. Disconnections and reconnections have to be handled transparently to the user/patient and data stream processing has to be dynamically adapted to the actual processing resources.