Data Stream Management and Digital Library Processes on Top of a Hyperdatabase and Grid Infrastructure

Manfred Wurz, Gert Brettlecker, Heiko Schuldt
In Proceedings
Appears in
Pre-Proceedings of the 6th Thematic Workshop of the EU Network of Excellence DELOS
Caligari, Italy
Digital libraries in healthcare are hosting an inherently large collection of digital information. Especially in medical digital libraries, this information needs to be analyzed and processed in a timely manner. Sensor data streams, for instance, providing continuous information on patients have to be processed on-line in order to detect critical situations. This is done by combining existing services and operators into streaming processes. Since the individual processing steps are quite complex, is is important to efficiently make use of the resources in a distributed system by parallelizing operators and services. Grid infrastructures already support the efficient routing and distribution of service requests. In this paper, we present a novel information management infrastructure based on a hyperdatabase system that combines the process-based composition of services and operators needed for sensor data stream processing with advanced Grid features.