Context-aware Business Application Service Co-ordination in Mobile Computing Environments

Heikki Helin, Matthias Klusch, Antonio Lopes, Alberto Fernandez, Michael Schumacher, Heiko Schuldt, Federico Bergenti, Ari Kinnunen
In Proceedings
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Proceedings of the 2005 Workshop on Ambient Intelligence - Agents for Ubiquitous Environments
Utrecht, The Netherlands
The research project CASCOM will implement, validate, and trial value-added support for business services for mobile workers and users across mobile and xed networks. The vision of the CASCOM approach is that ubiquitous application services are fexibly co-ordinated and pervasively provided to the mobile users by intelligent agents in dynamically changing contexts of open, large-scale, pervasive environments. The essential approach of CASCOM is the innovative combination of intelligent agent technology, semantic Web services, peer-to-peer, and mobile computing for intelligent peer-to-peer (IP2P) service environments. The services are provided by software agents exploiting the co-ordination infrastructure to effciently operate in highly dynamic environments.
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