Dynamic Parallelization of Grid-Enabled Web Services

Manfred Wurz, Heiko Schuldt
In Proceedings
Appears in
Proceedings of the 3rd European Grid Conference (EGC'2005)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
In a grid environment, it is of primary concern to make efficient use of the resources that are available at run-time. If new computational resources become available, then requests shall also be sent to these newly added resources in order to balance the overall load in the system. However, scheduling of requests in a service grid considers each single service invocation in isolation and determines the most appropriate provider, according to some heuristics. Even when several providers offer the same service, only one of them is chosen. In this paper, we provide a novel approach to the parallelization of individual service requests. This approach makes dynamic use of a set of service providers available at the time the request is being issued. A dynamic service uses meta information on the currently available service providers and their capabilities and splits the original request up into a set of simpler requests of the same service types, submits these requests in parallel to as many service providers as possible, and finally integrates the individual results to the result of the original service request.
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