The OSIRIS-SE (stream-enabled) infrastructure for reliable data stream management on mobile devices

Gert Brettlecker, Heiko Schuldt
In Proceedings
Appears in
Proceedings of SIGMOD Conference
Beijing, China
The proliferation of software and hardware sensors which continuously create large amounts of data has significantly facilitated novel types of applications such as healthcare telemonitoring or roadside traffic management. All these applications demand new mechanisms for online processing and analysis of relevant data coming from multiple data streams. Especially telemonitoring applications in healthcare require a high degree of reliability and must be able to be deployed in a distributed environment. We present OSIRIS-SE, an information management infrastructure for reliable data stream management in a failure-prone distributed setting including resource-limited mobile devices. OSIRIS-SE supports the combination of different data stream operators into stream processes and offers efficient coordinated operator checkpointing for the execution of these stream processes. In order to support mobile devices, OSIRIS-SE is able to deal with multiple failures, offers fine-grained reliability at operator level, and supports decentralized stream process orchestration in a peer-to-peer fashion. Moreover, OSIRIS-SE is fully implemented in Java and thus can be run on different platforms. We show the reliable execution of stream processes in a health monitoring application including a wearable ECG sensor, a Bluetooth enabled blood pressure sensor, and a web cam as data sources. Operators are hosted at mobile devices (PDAs, smart phones) of a patient and at a laptop computer which also acts as base station. An important feature of OSIRIS-SE is to show that sensor data can losslessly be processed by seamlessly migrating stream processing to other devices in the network even in case of multiple failures.