Extending the DelosDLMS by the FAST Annotation Service

Maristella Agosti, Gert Brettlecker, Nicola Ferro, Paola Ranaldi, Heiko Schuldt
In Proceedings
Appears in
Post-proceedings of the Third Italian Research Conference on Digital Library Systems
Padova, Italy
Digital libraries are no longer systems that just provide access to static content. Rather, users demand support for enriching and personalizing content in a collaborative environment. Therefore, annotation management plays a vital role in future Digital Libraries. In this paper, we present the DelosDLMS system which has been extended by the FAST annotation service. Currently, this integration is realized in a loosely-coupled way by using Web services. Among others, future activities will aim at making user management hosted in the annotation service available to DelosDLMS and at closely linking annotation management and personalization services.