The Re:GRIDiT Protocol:Correctness of Distributed Concurrency Control in the Data Grid in the Presence of Replication

Laura Voicu and Heiko Schuldt
Technical Report
Appears in
Technical Report CS-2008-002 Department of Computer Science
In recent years a lot of attention has been given to the area of distributed computing, distributing complex applications that access and share resources across heterogeneous, distributed environments. At the same time the proliferation of web services has lead to the development of transactional models that can ensure the correctness of the execution of applications in distributed environments. However, the large-scale and the dynamic nature of these environments make the models inappropriate to a higher or lesser degree, particularly if they need to respond to the problems imposed by the replication of huge amounts of data. Due to the particular characteristics of such infrastructures (such as data Grids or peer-to-peer networks), especially due to the absence of a global coordinator, new protocols for the synchronization of updates and their subsequent propagation are urgently needed. Despite the considerable work which has been done in the context of distributed transaction management and replication management, there is no protocol which can be seamlessly applied to such environments without impacting correctness and/or overall performance. In this paper we propose Re:GRIDiT, a novel and flexible distributed transactional model, that provides seamless support of replicated data and provably correct transactional execution guarantees without any global component.