DelosDLMS - From the DELOS vision to the implementation of a future digital library management system

Yannis Ioannidis, Diego Milano, Hans-Jörg Schek, Heiko Schuldt
Journal Article
Appears in
International Journal on Digital Libraries, Special Issue on Very Large Digital Libraries
Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
DelosDLMS is a novel digital library management system (DLMS) that has been developed as an integration effort within the DELOS Network of Excellence, a European Commission initiative funded under its fifth and sixth framework programs. In this paper, we describe DelosDLMS that takes into account the recommendations of several activities that were initiated by DELOS including the DELOS vision for digital libraries (DLs). A key aspect of DelosDLMS is its novel generic infrastructure that allows the generation of digital library systems out of a set of basic system services and DL services in a modular and extensible way. DL services like feature extraction, visualization, intelligent browsing, media-type-specific indexing, support for multilinguality, relevance feedback and many others can easily be incorporated or replaced. A further key aspect of DelosDLMS is its robustness against failures and its scalability for large collections and many parallel user requests. We discuss the current status of an effort to build DelosDLMS, a Digital Library Management System that integrates in various ways several components developed by DELOS members and showcases a great variety of functionality that is outlined as part of the DELOS vision.