3D Model Retrieval Using Constructive Solid Geometry in Virtual Reality

Samuel Börlin, Ralph Gasser, Florian Spiess, Heiko Schuldt
In Proceedings
Appears in
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality (AIVR 2020)
Utrecht, The Netherlands (held virtually)

3D models play an increasingly important role in various areas, ranging from engineering to the cultural heritage domain. Therefore, tools to effectively and efficiently manage, explore and search large 3D model collections have become more important over the years. Most solutions so far, however, use conventional 2D user interfaces and interaction relies on mouse and keyboard input. In this paper, we present vitrivr VR, a 3D model retrieval system featuring a virtual reality (VR) user interface based on the multimedia search system vitrivr. Query formulation and results presentation takes place in a VR environment, in which users immerse themselves. vitrivr VR enables the sculpting of 3D models through constructive solid geometry (CSG) using a VR controller and the use of these sculpted objects as query objects. To the best of our knowledge, vitrivr VR is the first system that combines CSG and VR to enable 3D model retrieval.