Gameshow RDS & Interfinity (Ongoing)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an extremely important topic that profoundly affects all aspects of our society. The research network «Responsible Digital Society» (RDS) at the University of Basel, in collaboration with the interdisciplinary music festival «Interfinity», aims at familiarizing the audience with the capabilities of modern AI and its impact on science, art, and society at large. The planned three-part series culminates in a gameshow: in this segment, five rounds will feature human composers pitted against AI compositions. The audience will listen to two pieces of different origin in each round and vote on which one was created by AI and which one by a human artist (online voting via smartphone; the QR code can be scanned at the entrance of the Pavilion before the performance). The pieces are to be inspired by the styles of composers like Bach, Chopin, Messiaen, Bartok, and Brahms and will be performed by a human music ensemble (which will not be informed of the composer’s identity beforehand). Experienced composers will compose the “human” pieces, while acclaimed Latvian composer Platons Buravickis will ‘create’ the AI compositions with the help of ChatGPT and various other AI applications. Visual Arts by Luca Scarzella from Milan, renowned in his field, will complement the performance. The gameshow will feature segments on AI science. These segments will delve into the history, capabilities, implications, ethics, and outlook of AI. After the performance, in the main outreach part of the evening, an aperitif will allow AI scientists from the RDS research networks having diverse AI research backgrounds to mingle with the audience and be available for one-on-one conversations on AI and its implications.





Basel Interfinity (Lukas Loss)

Research Network Responsible Digital Society, University of Basel

Funding Agencies

Swiss National Science Foundation, Agora Programme (Science Communication)


CHF 48'550