DBIS Research Seminar

Room: 06.011 / Time: Mon. 10:30 - 12:00


Date Speaker Title Notes  
Mon. 04.09.2023 Raphael Waltenspül Novice-Friendly Text-based Video Search with vitrivr Dry-Run CBMI (11:15 - 12:15 )  
Mon. 11.09.2023 DBIS Internal group discussion “overflow” of DBIS retreat 8:30 - 10:00
Mon. 18.09.2023 No DBIS Research Seminar  
Mon. 25.09.2023 No DBIS Research Seminar  
Mon. 02.10.2023 No DBIS Research Seminar  
Mon. 09.10.2023 No DBIS Research Seminar  
Mon. 16.10.2023 Loris Sauter Spatially Localised Immersive Contemporary and Historic
Photo Presentation on Mobile Devices in Augmented Reality
Dry-Run SUMAC  
Mon. 23.10.2023 No DBIS Research Seminar
(Monte Verità Workshop)
Mon. 30.10.2023 DBIS Monte Verità Debriefing    
Mon. 06.11.2023 David Lengweiler Progress Report    
Mon. 13.11.2023 Rahel Arnold Progress Report    
Mon. 20.11.2023 DBIS and HEK Brainstorming with HEK 9:00 - 11:00  
Mon. 27.11.2023 No DBIS Research Seminar
(Scientific Advisory Board)
Mon. 04.12.2023 Martin Vahlensieck Progress Report    
Mon. 11.12.2023 Yiming Wu Progress Report    
Mon. 18.12.2023 DBIS Pitch Session: BSc Theses Discussion about potential BSc Thesis topics  
Mon. 08.01.2024 vitrivr Team Dry-Run: VBS 2024 All group members involved  
Mon. 15.01.2024 No DBIS Research Seminar
(Databases Exam)
Mon. 22.01.2024 Loris Sauter TBC: Defense Rehersal TBC  
Mon. 29.01.2024 MMM 2024