3D Model Retrieval using Constructive Solid Geometry in Virtual Reality (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Samuel Börlin


The Cineast multimedia retrieval system aims to provide a versatile system enabling users to browse and run targeted searches for various types of media. One such type of media supported by Cineast are 3D models. Cineast provides a query-by-example and query-by-sketch functionality where the user can provide an example 3D model, respectively draw a 2D sketch thereof, which it then uses to search its database, Cottontail DB, for similar models. However, this functionality of Cineast currently does not take the color or texture of the 3D models into consideration.

In this bachelor’s thesis we present a novel 3D model retrieval system that makes use of virtual reality to enable the user to sculpt models in 3D using constructive solid geometry (CSG). These sculptures can then directly be used as a 3D sketch input for Cineast’s 3D model similarity search, whose results are then shown in 3D in an interactive manner, all within the same virtual reality application. Furthermore, we add an extension to Cineast that improves the accuracy of its similarity search functionality for colored and textured models.

Start / End Dates

2020/03/30 - 2020/06/29


Research Topics