Enriching Cultural Heritage Metadata through Gamified Crowdsourcing (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Samuel Gasser


When it comes to historical media, metadata is often very scarce. This situation is not due to lack of effort on the side of the archivists however. Instead, it is largely due to the limits of technology in these times. The precision of spatio-temporal information is largely limited by the categorization of archivists. The same can be said for image tags. Additionally, most of the images are categorized very generally, if at all. This means that to facilitate searches someone has to go through pictures manually to add tags and check spatio-temporal information, which can become mind-numbing with time, or try to train a very general image recognition model. The aim of this Thesis is to extend the City-Stories project with four games trying to achieve a high quality in the metadata of historical media by using crowdsourcing in an engaging, entertaining, and accessible way.

Start / End Dates

2020/05/18 - 2020/08/17


Research Topics