Integration of “Merian Plan 3D” in Augmented Reality in GoFind! (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Rahel Arnold


With GoFind!, a prototype enabling users to query historic multimedia collections by means of spatial-, temporal- and content-based retrieval, researchers of the DBIS group explored the combination of Multimedia Retrieval and Augmented Reality (AR) in the domain of Cultural Heritage. Independently, researchers of the University Library Basel and an external company created a 3D model of the Merian plan – a 17th century hand-drawn map of Basel. Since GoFind! already uses AR technology to present results from content-based multimedia retrieval, incorporating such a 3D model is a next logical step. In particular, enabling users to explore the 3D model with AR in its spatial context could lead to interesting experiences.

However, since the Merian plan is a hand-drawn pseudo-bird’s eye view sketch of a map, inaccuracies are to be expected. Particularly amplified by the calculations to create a 3D model based on the plan. Hence, one of the major issues of this Bachelor’s Thesis is to overcome this inaccuracies when displaying the model using AR. Furthermore, mappings into and from the plan in to real-world geo-locations is a non-trivial, essential foundation for the successful AR presentation of the model.

The main goal of this Bachelor’s Thesis is twofold: First, in a preparatory step a model to map real-world geo-location to and from historical, potentially inaccurate spatial information (i.e. extracted from a historical map, such as the Merianplan). Second, the AR presentation of the Merian plan 3D model as close to it’s today’s real-world location and orientation as possible.

This involves the following sub tasks:
- As introductory work, extend GoFind!’s map result presentation mode to incorporate historical maps (i.e. the Merian plan)
- Design and implementation of a model to map historical, potentially inaccurate spatial information to today’s geo-location and vice versa
- Design and implementation of an algorithm to initialise a 3D model of a historical site at a certain geo-location
- Incorporation of an AR presentation of the Merian plan 3D model in GoFind!
- Optional: Incorporation of historical maps to GoFind!, in particular the Merian plan and Löffel plan

Start / End Dates

2020/06/01 - 2020/09/30


Research Topics