Tactical Performance Analysis of Ice Hockey Matches with SportSense (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Benjamin Park


Sports have probably never been as popular as they are today. They have become global events and a part of our everyday life. With the level of competitiveness that exists within sports, it has become increasingly more important to be able to analyse in-depth the events that take place during a match.

SportSense is a joint venture of the University of Basel and the Swiss Federal Institute ofSports. It is a sports analysis tool with the intent to simplify analysing sports while displaying events in an intuitive and easily comprehensible manner. It primarily focuses on football, though it is being expanded to include other team sports.

This bachelor thesis presents the expansion of SportSense to include ice hockey as an option. This implementation used the already existing features where logical, while expanding it to include ice hockey specific features as well.

Towards the end an evaluation at the University of Basel and the Swiss Federal Institute of Sports was carried out. The users had to rate the difficulty of different tasks and give their opinion about the expansion. The results of this evaluation were overall very positive, though some issues especially regarding the interface were raised.

Start / End Dates

2020/03/09 - 2020/07/08


Research Topics