Tactical Performance Analysis of Ice Hockey Matches with SportSense (Bachelor Thesis, Ongoing)


Benjamin Park


Development and extension of SportSense in order to support tactical performance analyses of ice hockey matches:

  1. Adaptation of the SportSense architecture
  2. Distinction between generic functionalities and discipline-specific functionalities (e.g., only for football or ice hockey)
  3. Ice hockey-specific extensions of analysis methods: new (sketch-based) query types (e.g. shifts, powerplay situations), quantitative analysis
  4. Evaluation with experts from sports practice (sport scientists, coaches, players) and IT (computer scientists)

SportSense has already a (functionally limited) Ice Hockey version. However, this mainly concerns the UI. Therefore, this Bachelor’s project has four major contributions.

First, some general adaptations to the architecture are required to assure a strict distinction between ice hockey and football analysis. The second contribution will be to figure out which of the already existing functionalities can be used independently of the discipline (sports and potentially even beyond) and where football or ice hockey specific concepts need to be considered. The third and probably most challenging contribution will be the development of new, ice hockey specific (sketch-based) query types and analysis methods. Events like, for instance shifts and entries as well as situations like, e.g. powerplay (5 vs.4, 5 vs. 3, 4 vs. 3, etc.) are essential in ice hockey matches and may require new query types for retrieval. Additionally, the quantitative analysis functionality can be extended by some ice hockey specific parameters (e.g. time on ice). Finally, the results should be evaluated by domain experts from sport practice and IT.

Start / End Dates

2020/03/09 - 2020/07/08


Research Topics