Enhancing Tactical Performance Analysis with SportSense through Dynamic Movement Visualizations (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Tim Keller


The project aims at extending the current (static) movement analysis functionality in SportSense. In the Drawing Area of the system motion paths of players and the ball should be visualized dynamically and synchronized to the video. This functionality should be provided optionally for the user (e.g., toggle via checkboxes). Like the StreamTeam Real-Time Web Client it would also be conceivable to display the distances between single players or groups of players (defensive line, midfield line, manual selection).
Additionally, other visualizations like, e.g., models showing space control can be considered for an implementation and visualization in SportSense.
For a more user-friendly analysis a chosen scene (selection of an event on the Drawing Area) should be looped in the video until the user finished his/her analysis.

Start / End Dates

2021/02/15 - 2021/06/14


Research Topics