A UI for comparative team sport analysis in SportSense (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Adalsteinn Jonsson


In the current SportSense Interface the user can choose events according to type, time, location and player involved. In a next step it should be possible to save these queries and to name them. By clicking the analysis button, a second window opens for quantitative analysis. It should be possible to select one or more of the stored queries for comparison purposes, to select corresponding event-attributes as well as different aggregate functions. The results are then visualized in a diagram, table or graph. Furthermore, it should be possible to manipulate the results dynamically by changing the time with the slider of the zooming tool.

Example: The coach wants to see all passes of his right winger in zone 3. He filters the events with the SportSense UI and saves the query as "Passes Zone 3 Player A". He does the same for his left winger and names the query "Passes Zone 3 Player B". In the Analysis UI these two queries are listed and can now be compared according to the different attributes of a pass (length, speed, direction, …) and with different aggregate functions (maximum, minimum, average, etc.).

The thesis encompasses the development of the analysis UI, the integration into SportSense, and its evaluation.

Start / End Dates

2019/03/04 - 2019/07/03


Research Topics