A Zooming UI for Team Sport Analysis (Master Project, Finished)


Fabian Rauschenbach


The objective of this Master's project is to create a new dynamic interface that is reminiscent of the way Google Maps works. It should be possible to zoom from a "universe" (first a game, later a season or several seasons) into more detailed levels, e.g. into the first or second half of a game. The next lower level would be the 0th - 15th minute, 15th - 30th minute, etc. On the last level, 5-minute sequences would be planned as the smallest universe. Then, depending on the level, different events become visible, which can be viewed as a video image by clicking on them. The representation would be possible e.g. over a timeline, similarly as in a ticker, and/or play report.

Start / End Dates

2018/10/15 - 2019/01/15


Research Topics