Database Sketcher: Rapid Database Schema Generator based on handwritten ER Models and Interactive Paper (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Lukas Fehr


Digital pens alongside with interactive paper having anoto dot patterns are a fascinating platform for Java developers. Applications like educational as Learning Languages, entertainment like Piano app or games like Hangman are in use yet. The goal of this project is, to develop a new application running on the smartpen. The “Database Sketcher” will translate a conceptual ER diagram, drawn with the smartpen, into a SQL script that creates a relational database schema out of the ER diagram.

To achieve this objective, the project is divided in four phases. The main phase consists of implementing the detection of the ER diagram shapes and their associated annotations. Once the program recognizes the drawn figures it has to recognize and preserve the relationship between these entities. The third phase is the generation of the SQL script using the results obtained from the previous phases. An optional extension is the visualization of the conceptual diagram on the personal computer in the end in order to facilitate modifications to the diagram. The four phases are described in more detail:

Start / End Dates

2011/04/20 - 2011/08/19


Research Topics