Detecting off-ball performance in football with SportSense (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Michael Pl├╝ss


Offensive and defensive tactics are very important in today's football to achieve success. For that, coaches and their staff practice lots of different movement patterns with their teams, especially in offensive scenarios. To detect such patterns from spatio-temporal data would be a powerful opportunity for coaches to verify their tactics as well as for opponent analysis purposes and the possibility to detect characteristics of the opponent teams' offensive/defensive behavior.

The objective of this Bachelor's thesis is to create a new query type in SportSense for detecting such movement patterns. Starting point for a query is a particular event (e.g., pass), and the possibility to specify, by means of a slider, to go back and/or forth from the time of the event to depict the player’s trajectories. This could be done for the offensive team or the defensive team.

Start / End Dates

2019/03/11 - 2019/06/10


Research Topics