Development of a Platform for the Provision of Location-based Multimedia Documents (Master Project, Finished)


Thomas Simonsen


The City-Stories project cooperates with project Blickwinkel which has the goal to provide manually selected, historic content at specific locations in order to visualize the chronological development of that location. In order to extend CityStories with selected locations and to provide background information to these locations, it is necessary to provide functionality to create stationary data collections for these locations.

The goal of this Master project is first, to develop a database to create and store location-based multimedia documents, e.g. text, images, weblinks, videos or other. To demonstrate the system a collection of documents at specific locations in Basel will be created. The second goal is to display the content of the database on a smartphone (e.g. through an app or website). The display of documents of the collection should be based on the location of the smartphone.

Start / End Dates

2017/05/03 - 2017/06/30


Research Topics