Dynamic Replication and Partitioning of Big Data (Master Project, Finished)


Khushbu Rajendra Agrawal


The goal of this Master Project is the development an infrastructure system which

The overall goal is to use a combination of both to achieve efficient and fault-tolerant data management using user defined replication and partitioning parameters. The parameters should be adjustable; as soon as the parameters are changed, data should be automatically re-distributed accordingly.



On the Software


On the Project







The project can be designed either for one student or for a group of two students (in the latter case, the optional visualization will be mandatory part of the project). If run as a group project, in a first phase, the group should work out the details of a project plan, the distribution of topics and responsibilities within the group.



* The visualization is mandatory if this project is processed by two students.


Start / End Dates

2017/02/15 - 2017/07/31


Research Topics