Modular Smartphone Application for Dynamic Generation of Guided Historic City Tours (Master Project, Ongoing)


Tim Bachmann


The most recent addition to the GoFind! ecosystem, an iOS tailored smartphone application enabling the geo-localised sharing of captured photos and re-experiencing the very same perspective in its AR view mode, AR-Explorer also incorporates AR navigation to such AR experiences.

The system supports both, historic and contemporary imagery and enables AR presentation at their real-world location.

However, currently, AR-Explorer only enables AR navigation to one specific item, for historic content, this item first had to be retrieved.

Furthermore, only contemporary photos can be shared through the application's user interface, hence historic content has to be added by other means.

The main goal of this Master Project is to design, implement and evaluate a model for modular, dynamically generated guided city tours.

The target technology is an AR-powered smartphone application including the necessary backend infrastructure and administration user interface.

In particular, the scope of the project includes the design and implementation of a software architecture enabling the ingestion of (historic) multimedia content and spatio-temporal metadata,

dynamically generated tours based on user and administrator defined criteria such as human and machine generated annotations, and appropriate presentation on the smartphone, both on the display and in AR.


Start / End Dates

2024/02/28 - 2024/06/20


Research Topics