Historic Image Presentation in Mixed Reality using HoloLens (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Merwin Mudavamkunnel


Extended technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) shift

from entertainment section towards a more utilitarian driven eld. Classical applications

like Google Street View or Google Sky Map already show how AR can be encorporated in

real-world applications. Our work is based on GoFind!, an application that enables users

to visualize historic multimedia collections at their real-world location using AR. In most

cases, limited screen sizes impede user interaction with virtual objects. In our thesis, we

fuse the existing GoFind! application with Mixed reality (MR) which allows virtual historic

images to be embedded in the real world as virtual objects, enabling users to interact with

them. Furthermore, we deploy our application to the HoloLens which is a pair of MR smart

glasses developed by Microsoft. Due to its missing location functionalities, we provide a

companion application that feeds the HoloLens with location-based data. Additionally, we

introduce a location-based presentation mode, placing images at their real-world location.

In this thesis, we provide a detailed description of our concept and approach for developing

our application. Finally, we assess our application by using historic images of Basel and

conduct an evaluation.

Start / End Dates

2020/09/14 - 2021/01/27


Research Topics