Multi-User Experience in Extended Reality (Master Thesis, Ongoing)


Vera Benz


The spatially distributed nature of remote collaboration presents new challenges for XR applications. Ensuring an optimal user experience depends on the virtual representation of other participants and facilitating interactions within the virtual environment. A central challenge arises from the different conditions experienced by each user in their respective environment. Differences such as room dimensions or the presence of furniture, such as tables, create a need for adaptive solutions.

In this master thesis, the aim is to enable a user-friendly remote collaboration concept using XR. The concepts will be implemented on Apple devices, specifically iPads and iPhones, using their AR capabilities. The desired outcome is representing collaborating users as avatars, enabling seamless interaction with each other and shared virtual objects. This will be achieved by allowing users to communicate with each other over text and allowing them to position and interact with objects in their virtual environment.

Start / End Dates

2023/09/26 - 2024/03/25


Research Topics