On the Reproduction of Scenic Photography Using Augmented Reality on iOS (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Tim Bachmann


With GoFind! researchers of the Databases and Information Systems group have created a prototype to relive historicviews with Augmented Reality. Historic photography of cityscapes are searchable using multimedia retrieval tech-niques and are presented as accurately as possible in AR - acting as a “window into the past”. The system’s foundationform three naive parameters: longitude and latitude (a.k.a. GPS location) and the bearing (deviation of the imagefrom north, in degrees). For historic photography, all three of the parameters are rough estimates.GoFind! does exist as a Unity based application powered by Google’s ARCore for Android and as a native Androidapp.  It has been shown, that while there are advantages for cross-platform applications such as the Unity basedGoFind!, the benefits of native apps outweigh the former. In addition, recently, Apple’s ARKit - and in addition tothis, additional sensors - have made improvements such that AR presentation is as accessible as it can be.Thus, a native iOS app gathering as much (sensor) data as possible upon snapping a picture, in order to then presentthe captured photo in AR – as accurately as possible will bring insights on which parameters are essential for ARperspective reproduction.

Start / End Dates

2022/03/02 - 2022/07/01


Research Topics