Integration of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HL7 FHIR) into the openIMIS open source health insurance management system (Bachelor Thesis, Ongoing)


Faris Ahmetasevic


The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) is working with a global initiative (openIMIS Initiative, to develop a community of practice aiming at creating a comprehensive system to link patient, provider and payer data specifically in context of health insurance systems. The initiative is jointly supported by the development agencies of the Swiss and the German government and works with partners from a number of organizations across Europe, Asia and Africa that are part of the openIMIS community (developers and implementers). The open source Insurance Management Information System (openIMIS) is an IT solution currently implemented by public and private not for profit health insurance schemes in Tanzania, Nepal, Cameroon, Congo and Chad, using mobile phones to administer the insurance scheme. At a global level, the initiative is working on making the solution more modular and interoperable so it can be used in different country contexts by insurers looking for low cost solutions to manage health insurance schemes.

One challenge in openIMIS is the integration of different hospital management systems in order to allow for the exchange of healthcare data. First implementations consider HL7 FHIR (fast healthcare interoperability resources), version 3. However, this version is limited in that it does not consider all relevant fields and attributes available in common hospital management systems, which are relevant for insurance management. Therefore, the objective of this Bachelor’s project is to extend the existing openIMIS implementation by providing support for HL7 FHIR, version 4. In particular, the Bachelor’s project will include the following parts:

  1. Become familiar with the existing openIMIS implementation and HL7 FHIR (versions 3 and 4)
  2. Provide a mapping from relevant fields of the most popular and relevant hospital management systems and openIMIS, with focus on the fields and attributes that are so far not yet supported
  3. Integrate support for HL7 FHIR version 4 into openIMIS (back-end implementation in python)
  4. Develop a tool for the transfer of data from the openIMIS database to a FHIR database through the new developed FHIR version 4.

The work will take place in close collaboration between the SwissTPH and the Databases and Information Systems Research Group at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Start / End Dates

2020/03/23 - 2020/07/22


Research Topics