OSIRIS-SR Dynamic Display Tool (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


The OSIRIS framework, a fundamental research project of the DBIS group, allows for the decentralized orchestration of distributed services deployed in heterogeneous environments such as the Cloud, Grid and Peer-To-Peer. In particular, OSIRIS-SR, an extension of OSIRIS, focuses on the fault tolerant orchestration of distributed services. Since a typical OSIRIS distributed system consists of a vast number of nodes it quickly becomes very difficult to keep a clear overview of such a dynamic system. Therefore, the scope of the bachelor thesis is to visualize the node environment in real-time. In particular, displaying the node’s current functionality, e.g. safety ring functionality of OSIRIS-SR, its load, its consumed bandwidth and its connected nodes will be of the utmost importance. Other important aspects of distributed systems are still subject of investigation and may be displayed as well. Most importantly, the displayed system state should be simple, intuative and easy to understand so it can be used for testing and even evaluation of future reasearch projects.


Research Topics