PenTrainer: A Personalized Vocabulary Trainer based on Interactive Paper & Smart Pen (Master Thesis, Finished)


Eve Morel


The goal of this work is to create a tool that will provide a personal assistant for individuals who attempt to learn a new language using interactive paper and smart pens. The focus will be on facilitating the learning of new vocabulary. In addition to having a teacher who will provide guidance to the students within a language course, students will be able to define themselves specific words that they would want to add to their personal-vocabulary depending on their own field of interest thus having the ability to increase their knowledge in a self-paced manner. Special interest will be given to facilitating the interaction between teacher and student, generating self training tests, generating quizzes and evaluating the system in a real learning environment in which bidirectional French & German vocabulary tools will be developed.

Start / End Dates

2010/10/04 - 2011/04/03


Research Topics