Quorum-based Data Replication in the Cloud (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Alexander Stiemer


The goal of this Bachelor's project is the implementation and evaluation of a quorum-based data replication protocol for the Cloud. The following is a detailed description of the tasks to be conducted as part of this Bachelor's project. 1. Design and Implementation of a tree-based quorum system (TQ). 2. Evaluation of TQ based on the TPCC or YCSB benchmark in the AWS Cloud environment. 3. Analysis of the evaluation results. 4. Based on the evaluation results (task 3), provide a list of criteria that are to be incorporated into TQ to make it "cloud-ready" (CTQ). 5. Implementation of CTQ. 6. Evaluation of CTQ and comparision of the results with TQ.

Start / End Dates

2014/03/31 - 2014/07/30


Research Topics