Touchify: Bringing Touch Screen Functionality to Flat Panel Display Screens (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Marcel Büchler


Touchify attempts to enable touch / tablet style functionality on any flat panel display screen through a microscopic pen. The idea is to encode location information on the screen in a way that does not clutter the screen but at the same time enables the microscopic camera to decode the location of the pen on the screen thus providing means to give input similar to the stylus pen of tablets. First phase of the project is concerned with developing what we call “Detection Pixel Patterns” which will enable the pen to provide clicks on controls like buttons or checkboxes. Second phases is concerned with developing the “Streaming pixel patterns” which provides more precise location aware patterns that could enable using the microscopic pen in activities like drawing or sketching on the screen.

Start / End Dates

2011/02/21 - 2011/06/20


Research Topics