Web-based content distribution through storytelling for young caregivers (Master Project, Ongoing)


Esther Mugdan


The number of young people and children who have to assist in the home care of close family members and relatives continues to increase as society ages. These so-called ‘young carers’ experience little or no support and appreciation for their activities. The project Young Carers of the Basel section of the Swiss Red Cross aims to develop a web-based platform to better support young carers. This includes the awareness of the problem in the general public, the community-building among young carers, and the sharing of best practices.

The objective of this Master’s project is to design, implement and evaluate a website for education, community building and experience sharing, tailored to the needs of young carers. The main use will be in education at primary schools. Therefore, the content and the website have to be designed in a way that is attractive for the target audience. At the same time, it needs to de didactically aligned with the concept of the Young Careers project of the Red Cross.
The website features persona, fictional young carers, who report about their daily caregiving activities and the additional tasks they have in their daily routine.
From a technical point of view, the challenges are as follows:

Start / End Dates

2022/07/15 - 2022/09/15


Research Topics