An Asynchronous Scheme for the Distributed Evaluation of Interactive Multimedia Retrieval

Loris Sauter, Ralph Gasser, Abraham Bernstein, Heiko Schuldt, Luca Rossetto
In Proceedings
Appears in
Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Interactive Multimedia Retrieval (IMuR'22)
Lisbon, Portugal

Evaluation campaigns for interactive multimedia retrieval, such as the Video Browser Shodown (VBS) or the Lifelog Search Challenge (LSC), so far imposed constraints on both simultaneity and locality of all participants, requiring them to solve the same tasks in the same place, at the same time and under the same conditions. These constraints are in contrast to other evaluation campaigns that do not focus on interactivity, where participants can process the tasks in any place at any time. The recent travel restrictions necessitated the relaxation of the locality constraint of interactive campaigns, enabling participants to take place from an arbitrary location. Born out of necessity, this relaxation turned out to be a boon since it greatly simplified the evaluation process and enabled organisation of ad-hoc evaluations outside of the large campaigns. However, it also introduced an additional complication in cases where participants were spread over several time zones. In this paper, we introduce an evaluation scheme for interactive retrieval  evaluation that relaxes both the simultaneity and locality constraints, enabling participation from any place at any time within a predefined time frame. This scheme, as implemented in the Distributed Retrieval Evaluation Server (DRES), enables novel ways of conducting interactive retrieval evaluation and bridged the gap between interactive campaigns and non-interactive ones.

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