The Best of Both Worlds: Lifelog Retrieval with a Desktop-Virtual Reality Hybrid System

Florian Spiess, Ralph Gasser, Heiko Schuldt, Luca Rossetto
In Proceedings
Appears in
Proceedings of the 6th Annual ACM Lifelog Search Challenge (LSC’23)
Thessaloniki, Greece

Personal lifelog data collections are becoming more common as a memory aid, as well as for analytical tasks, such as health and fitness analysis. Due to the multimodal and personal nature of lifelog data, interactive multimedia retrieval approaches are required to facilitate flexible and iterative query formulation and result exploration for retrieval and analysis. In recent years, novel user interface modalities have emerged, that allow new ways for users to interact with a retrieval system. Virtual reality, one such new modality, provides advantages as well as challenges for interactive multimedia retrieval in comparison to conventional  esktop-based interfaces. This paper describes a novel desktop-virtual reality hybrid system participating in the Lifelog Search Challenge 2023. The system, which is based on the components of the vitrivr stack, is described with a focus on query formulation in the web-based desktop user interface vitrivr-ng, and result exploration in the virtual reality-based vitrivr-VR.

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