SwissRenov (Ongoing)

SwissRenov - Circularity and resource conservation in the rehabilitation of buildings in Switzerland, an opportunity for brownfields

The Swiss construction industry is facing a number of major challenges, such as the scarcity of land resources, the goal of carbon neutrality and ever-changing standards. The renovation of buildings, particularly brownfield sites, is complex and requires careful evaluation of the best options.

The proposed solution is to bring together the methods and tools developed in various sub-projects in a unified environment. Scenarios will be evaluated in terms of economic and environmental aspects, providing decision-makers with a clear view of the options available for informed decisions. This environment will offer a user-friendly interface facilitating access to relevant information and the comparison of options.

The approach involves the integration of available resources from demolition and deconstruction, as well as other local resources and key skills. Scenarios will promote the reuse, adequate storage and appropriate transformation of these resources (sustainability and circularity). Collaboration with specialist companies will optimize the use of local resources and promote sustainable reuse and recycling practices. An iterative process will guide decisions on the design and implementation of renovation scenarios, maximizing economic and environmental benefits.

The aim is to create a replicable model for circular transformation of the construction value chain, focusing on brownfield sites as a key source of resources. The model will be developed in the canton of Jura region, which has well-documented brownfield sites, and will serve as a demonstrator for nationwide dissemination. This comprehensive approach will enable informed decision-making, promoting resource recovery and sustainable construction in Switzerland.




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