A web-based user interface for Cottontail DB (Bachelor Thesis, Ongoing)


Rasmus Willi


Cottontail DB is a database for multimedia retrieval and has served as a backend for the vitrivr stack for several years now. While quite established and the tool of choice for many multimedia applications that require a combination of Boolean search and nearest neighbour-based retrieval, it currently lacks a user-friendly way of interaction, which makes administration of Cottontail DB instances a bit cumbersome.

The goal of this thesis is therefore to conceive and build a web-based user interface that can be used to administer a Cottontail DB instance and to interact with the data it contains. A particular focus will lie on the formulation of queries. That interface should be user-friendly, clean, and modern and it should be built with extensibility in mind, since Cottontail DB still is under heavy development.

Start / End Dates

2022/09/26 - 2022/12/25


Research Topics