Design and implementation of an application to evaluate the result quality of multimedia retrieval systems (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Sein Coray


The quality of results produced by multimedia retrieval systems is only gaugeable by manual annotation. To generate such annotations, a web-based application will be implemented. The primary focus of this project lies in two areas:

The first is the design and implementation of an application which accepts results from a retrieval system, splits them into micro tasks and presents these tasks to a group of users. Based on the solicited feedback, the system is to compute several quality metrics for the original result set. It is also to continuously estimate the quality of user responses to eliminate incorrectly annotated samples.

The second is concerned with motivation design. To motivate users to provide the desired annotations, two approaches will be studied; crowdsourcing and gamification. The developed platform will be compatible to existing crowdsourcing platforms and/or implement common gamification concepts to increase user motivation.



Start / End Dates

2017/03/20 - 2017/07/19


Research Topics