Evaluation of ADAMpro (Master Project, Finished)


Khushbu Agrawal, Omnia Kahla


ADAMpro is a polystore for performing multimedia retrieval queries. The scope of this project is to evaluate ADAMpro using UniBas Chronos in a large-scale, distributed setting, with synthetic and true data, with varying parameters and using various query modes. In particular, the goal is to get more insights into the relation of the following parameters to i.) the quality of retrieval and ii.) the execution time:

• collection parameters: size of collection, dimensionality of data

• index structures involved in performing a query

• storage handlers involved

• query parameters: number of results, distance function, Boolean retrieval, weight-

ing, etc.

• partitioning

Furthermore, the evaluation should include an analysis of both progressive querying (in particular in relation to a simple index scan or a simple relational scan) and stochastic querying. For all evaluations performed, all possible information resulting from the query execution should be stored, to be able to easily perform statistical analyses of the results. On the software side, UniBas Chronos should be used for executing the evaluations. From a point of view of the hardware, the students should start with one single node in the beginning and extend the evaluation to multiple nodes (potentially with multiple virtual nodes per real node), to analyse scaling behaviours. In the final step, the project involves a statistical analysis of the results.

Start / End Dates

2017/02/16 - 2017/07/31


Research Topics