VIRTUE (VIRTUal Exhibition hall) (Ongoing)

The digitization of museum exhibits has raised the question of how to make these objects accessible, particularly in light of the ever growing collections being available. The VIRTUE (VIRTUal Exhibition hall) project allows curators to easily set up virtual museum exhibitions of static and dynamic 2D (paintings, photographs, videos, etc.) and 3D artifacts. Visitors may navigate through the virtual rooms, inspect the artifacts and interact with them in novel ways.

An early prototype of the system was developed at the Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2018 and won the "Brand new" prize. During the Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2019, VIRTUE was extended to allow the enhancement of virtual objects by tracking tactile physical counterparts and audio playback when approaching relevant art or photographs. The system has also been used very successfully at the Museumsnacht and at Fantasy Basel 2019 and 2021. The full VIRTUE source code is available as open source on GitHub.




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