A Client for Dynamic Replication and Partitioning of Big Data (Master Project, Finished)


Silvan Heller, Manuel Hürbin


The goal of this Master Project is the development of a client for a DBMS, which dynamically replicates and partitions big data. The client should be able to stress the DBMS with different benchmarks and scenarios. To do so, the client should, first, identify how many client instances are needed, second, set DBMS and benchmark specific parameters at the DBMS, third, run the benchmark including the measurement of certain runtime values and, finally, process the collected measurements and upload the results.



On the Software


On the Project







The project is designed as group activity for two students. In a first phase of the project, the group should work out the details of a project plan, the distribution of topics and responsibilities within the group.

Start / End Dates

2017/02/15 - 2017/07/31


Research Topics