A stored procedure based mechanism for modifying views in Polypheny-DB (Master Project, Finished)


Nicolas Odermatt


Views are a powerful concept in (relational) database systems that allow to hide the complexity of queries and to interact with it as an entity. The PolyDBMS Polypheny-DB comes with support for defining and querying views. However, Polypheny-DB does not support data modification (DML) queries against views (i.e., read-only views).

The goal of this project is to implement an approach for supporting modification operations on views. This should be done using a concept similar to INSTEAD OF triggers available in some relational database systems. The idea is to individually specify the necessary operations for executing modification queries against a view. This specification should be in the form of a trigger that invokes a stored procedure.

The project includes:

Optionally, the project can be extended by broadening the support for stored procedures and triggers beyond their use for modifying views. Another option for extending the project would be to automatically generate the necessary stored procedures and triggers for updating a view (provided that the mapping can be determined).

Start / End Dates

2022/02/18 - 2022/09/22


Research Topics