Analysis and Distribution of Large Wordlists for Password Recovery (Master Thesis, Ongoing)


Sein Coray


Nowadays, people still use weak passwords and re-use them on different websites and services. We present a scenario where we need to recover the password of a relative who died unexpectedly and encrypted their personal data. The goal is to analyze common pass- word structures in order to create new password candidates based on these structures but taking in personalized data (e.g. hobbies, names, etc.) to increase the chance of recovering the password. To achieve this, we want to develop an analysis and visualization framework which is modular and later can also be extended by further functionality. Finally, it should allow the integration of the generation of the personalized guesses into Hashtopolis, a dis- tributed password recovery framework, in order to speed up the process. 

Start / End Dates

2019/03/04 - 2019/09/03


Research Topics