Collaborative Virtual Museums (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Gowthaman Gobalasingam


With the current generation of the SteamVR tracking system, it is possible for multiple people to use the same physical space to experience their individual virtual spaces. The primary goal of this project is to link these virtual spaces such that proximity in the physical can be mapped seamlessly to the virtual world.
Multiple users should be able to not only interact with entirely virtual but also with tracked physical objects and with each other in the same virtual space despite their individually perceived spaces being rendered by separate machines. A special focus must be the consideration of the disconnect between the physical presence of a user and the position of their virtual avatar, especially in cases where the virtual space exceeds the physical space in size.
To enhance the user experience, images, video, audio and 3D models should be displayable in the virtual space. As an extension, dynamic 3D models could be supported.

The result of the project should be a prototype on the basis of which the following questions can be answered:



Start / End Dates

2019/02/11 - 2019/05/10


Research Topics