Graphical management of data stores in a distributed database (Master Project, Finished)


Nils Hansen


The goal of this project is to build a holistic approach for managing data stores used by the Polypheny-DB project. The project consists of two parts: (1) the development of an online platform for storing and managing the available stores and (2) the integration into the existing user interface of Polypheny-DB.

For (1) it is required to build a web-application which can be deployed on a publicly reachable webserver. It is therefore required to take special care on the security aspects of the implemented solution. While Polypheny-DB will communicate with this platform via a text-based protocol, there should also be an user interface to manage the available stores and add new ones.

In (2) the existing Polypheny-DB UI should be extended to allow listing the available stores as well as adding and removing them. The information should be retrieved from the platform developed in (1). The communication with this platform should be always using Polypheny-DB as a middleware.

It is not in the scope of this project to actually deploy or integrate the downloaded stores into Polypheny-DB. Therefore, it is sufficient if the system is able to download a store-bundle from the platform and to save this bundle into a specified folder.

As part of this project, the existing query plan builder should be extended and improved. Furthermore, the student is encouraged to add additional features and improvements to the existing UI. This can include, but is not limited to:

Furthermore, it is expected that the student takes care of bugs in the existing UI.

Both, the server side as well as the UI part should make use of a central configuration. There should be no hard-coded configuration.

Since Polypheny-DB is licensed under the MIT license the developed solution has to be licensed under the MIT license, too.

Start / End Dates

2019/10/02 - 2020/01/28


Research Topics