JDBC Interface for Polypheny-DB (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Tobias Hafner


JDBC, or Java Database Connectivity, is a Java-based API that enables Java programs to interact with a database system. JDBC is an industry standard approach that is widely used and supported by many Java-based applications, enterprise systems, and other software that requires database connectivity.

The goal of this bachelor thesis is to develop a new JDBC query interface and driver for the Polypheny database system. Polypheny is a novel database system that is designed to support multiple query languages and data models. The current JDBC query interface for Polypheny has several limitations, including introducing too many dependencies, being too bulky, and not performant enough. The main objective of this project is therefore to develop a new JDBC query interface and driver that is tailored to the requirements of Polypheny and is fully compliant with the JDBC specifications.

As part of the project, the performance of the newly developed JDBC query interface should be compared to the existing one. Furthermore, the new driver should be tested using various types of queries and workloads to ensure its compatibility and reliability.

The implementation can be limited to the SQL query language. However, if time allows, support for additional query languages can be added.

Start / End Dates

2023/05/08 - 2023/09/07


Research Topics