MQTT Query Interface for Polypheny-DB (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Neha Selvan


MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol for efficient device communication in a publish-subscribe model, using minimal network bandwidth and power. Devices are classified as publishers or subscribers, with publishers sending messages to specific topics and subscribers receiving messages by subscribing to topics of interest. The broker acts as an intermediary, forwarding messages from publishers to subscribers. MQTT is widely applied in IoT scenarios, particularly in remote monitoring systems where sensors transmit data to a central server. Its lightweight nature suits constrained environments with limited bandwidth and power. It is also used in home automation, telemetry, and real-time data collection for analysis in fields like agriculture, transportation, and industrial automation.

Polypheny is an innovative database system that offers unparalleled flexibility by supporting multiple data models, query languages, and query interfaces. In this project, the primary objective is to develop a new query interface for the Polypheny system. This query interface will establish a connection with an MQTT broker, allowing users to subscribe to a customizable list of topics. Additionally, the project aims to enhance Polypheny's capabilities to efficiently process and store data streams received through MQTT.

The initial focus of this project will be on implementing data stream processing within Polypheny. To achieve this, the candidate will design and implement a mechanism to specify queries that will be applied to incoming data streams. The results obtained from these queries will then be stored appropriately within the database.

As the project progresses, there is an opportunity to expand its scope and enhance Polypheny's versatility. This can involve adding support for all query languages and enabling storage of query results using various data models. Furthermore, an exciting extension would be to allow users to specify multiple queries connected by boolean operations, enabling more complex and sophisticated data analysis and processing.

A critical aspect of this project is the setup of a comprehensive test and evaluation environment. The candidate will need to set up a suitable testing framework to ensure the reliability, performance, and correctness of the developed query interface.

In addition to the technical implementation, the candidate will be responsible for creating a comprehensive tutorial. This tutorial will guide users on how to integrate different MQTT devices with Polypheny, using the developed query interface. The tutorial should provide clear instructions, examples, and best practices for seamless integration.

Overall, this bachelor thesis project presents an exciting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of Polypheny by developing a powerful query interface that bridges the gap between the database system and MQTT-based data streams.

Start / End Dates

2023/06/01 - 2023/09/30


Research Topics