Multimedia retrieval support for Polypheny-DB (Bachelor Thesis, Finished)


Jan Schönholz


The goal of this project is to implement support for multimedia retrieval in Polypheny-DB and to prepare the system to be queried using vitrivr.

The project includes the integration of Cottontail DB as underlying data store in Polypheny-DB. The candidate should furthermore implement support for vector-space retrieval in Polypheny-DB. This requires extending the query interfaces for expressing such queries.

The support for the implemented query features in Polypheny-DB should be independent of the presence of Cottontail DB.

Depending on the progress, the candidate can implement support for additional data stores (e.g. for text search) in order to further optimize for vitrivr. The integration into vitrivr itself is not in the scope of this project.

Start / End Dates

2020/07/27 - 2020/11/26


Research Topics