Using Indexes to Simplify Queries in a Polystore System (Master Project, Finished)


Sebastian Philipp


The goal of this project is to implement support for indexes in Polypheny-DB. This includes either to implement B+-Tree from scratch or to use an existing implementation like btree4j. Furthermore, it includes to integrate the indexes into the query processing and to make sure the indexes are updated accordingly.

In Polypheny-DB, the indexes should serve two purposes: (i) enforcing primary key, foreign key, and unique constraints and (ii) simplifying queries by, for example, replacing where conditions with a list of primary keys. For some queries it might be even possible to get rid of some joins.

The candidate should consider and take care of the following aspects:

The project has to include an evaluation that measures the impact of indexes on the overall query performance. Furthermore, the effect of polystore indexes has to be compared to store level indexes.

Depending on the progress, the candidate can look into one or multiple of the following topics:

Start / End Dates

2020/03/23 - 2020/07/31


Research Topics